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Version 2.0.0

After one whole year of silence, version 2 is finally released!

We've made many changes and improvements to the server code.

Most importantly for those who are running version 1, we have dropped MongoDB in favour of PostgreSQL. Please read the upgrade to version2 doc and see our database migration scripts.

If you are running LiberaForms to server multiple sites you will need to instantiate one server for each domain you wish to serve. More info here.

LiberaForms is now Dockerized and comes with a basic docker-compose file. If you would like to dedicate a server to multiple LiberaForms containers, see this repository that also comes with Prometheus and Grafana configurations. Yes, LiberaForms provides Prometheus metrics too!

It is now possible to solicit files as form attachments. Max upload size/per user is configurable by the admin. Files are saved locally on the server or optionally on a remote Minio object storage server (thoroughly tested but not used by us in production). See more here.

LiberaForms has been translated to 5 languages, and more coming. If you want to help with that, see the Weblate profile.

The new User guide (i18n comming), aims to provide a complete documentation to help orientate end users. Have a look. You can commit changes here.

The code now includes logging and tests, a big help when developing. Production servers can send 500 errors to you by email.

See the full changelog here

We sincerely thank NLnet for their support that has made this possible. ❤