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Version 2.1.0

This version includes Flask and dependency upgrades, code refactoring, QR exports, LDAP integration, and Italian translation.

We are happy to announce LiberaForms version 2.1.0

Highlighted changes are:

New features:

  • Form QR. Form Editors can now generate a QR that contains the URL to any given form.
  • LDAP integration. LDAP user accounts can login to LiberaForms.
  • We are very pleased to include the translation to Italian.
  • Form notifications sent by email now include a link that leads directly to the Form's Answers.

Code changes:

  • Upgraded python dependencies, including Flask version 2.
  • Moves lots of code around to make it more readable.
  • We have begun to include Strict typing and docstrings to the code.
  • Moves repetitive code into decorators
  • The 'GDPR' and 'Terms and Conditions' code has been completely rewritten. The corresponding user interface has also been updated.
  • Refactored the tests to make them atomic.
  • VueJS data-display has been divided into smaller components to improve download speeds.

See CHANGELOG for a complete list.


git pull origin main

System requirements

Some installations might not have mime support installed by default. You should make sure it is present.

apt-get install mime-support

Environment variables

We have added new environment variables. Edit your .env file and add:


If you do wish to use LDAP, please see the complete list of required variables in dotenv.example

Python requirements

Many Python libraries have been updated (Flask included).

source ./venv/bin/activate
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install -r ./requirements.txt


Upgrade the database schema. (you are making backup copies, right?)

flask db upgrade

Enjoy! ❤