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NLnet Foundation grant

We are please to have received a grant under the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet initiative.

The work to be carried out during this grant includes:

  • Multi-language. Site administrators will be able to customize translations for site-wide elements like the /index text.
  • Data display component. Update the component to include improves filters, and graphs.
  • GDPR Wizard. Implement a short series of question to help form Editor write comprehensive data protection statement.
  • GDPR policy libraries. Editors will be able to save policy statements as templates for later use. Admins may share statement with Editors or enforce statements on all forms.
  • Form theming. Personalize the look and feel of each form.
  • Form builder/renderer. Develop a new custom formbuilder.
  • End to end encryption. Editors may optionally encrypt and decrypt form answers on the client with openPGP. Zero server knowledge.
  • Inline help. Embed user documentation in the application. Make documentation contextual to each app page.
  • User orientation. Add elements to the interface to help the user such as Alerts and Resource menus.
  • Answer edition. Editors may enable their users to edit their answers after submitting them.
  • Tests. Add tests to cover the new code.

NLnet current projects

Thank you NGI and NLnet for this opportunity to improve LiberaForms.