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Presenting My LiberaForms

As part of the release of LiberaForms 3 we are pleased to unveil something new for our global community.

Please welcome My LiberaForms at

A public instance for a global audience

My LiberaForms comes with all the latest features, ready for you to create easy, flexible and privacy focused online forms.

Forms are publish with a web address like

Create your free My LiberaForms account here.

Form showcase

Need to organize an event, make a survey or get information from your colleagues? It's easy to create and style your forms to match your style or your digital identity.

A mosaic of form images

Built-in Privacy policy

Add a privacy statement to your form and managing personal data according to privacy-friendly criteria.

An assistant can help you write the legal text. By following some easy steps a privacy statement is generated for you to add to your forms.

Screen shot of the wizard

Combining a friendly form editor with a commitment to privacy it is now easier than ever to comply with privacy laws with this new feature that works for both individuals, groups and organizations.

Our services

We have tidied up our services and pricing model and added more volume of replies to the larger tiers.

For custom solutions, please contact us at info [@] and tell us what you need so we can come to an agreement.

Do it your way! Try it now!

LiberaForms is Libre Software, you can install LiberaForms for yourself, use, or make an account on one of our other local public instances.