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Version 3.1.0

We have rewritten the Data display component in Vue3 that now also renders graphs, filters, and answer edition diffs on the client. This update makes LiberaForms 100% ready for E2EE development.

Managing data like form answers is core to LiberaForms. The Data display component was first introduced with version 2.0 to provide a better interface than standard HTML tables also keeping in mind that at some point we wanted to add E2EE to the application.

With this release we have improved the usability of the component and moved all data rendering to the client.

  • Renders Tables, Cards and Graphs
  • Renders Answer edition diffs
  • Manipulates data
  • Exports PDF, JSON, and CSV
  • Filters Answers by field options

New features

  • Improved interface
  • It is now possible to filter answers by select, single, and multi-choice fields
  • User defined PDF options are saved to the database

Answer filters

Data is filtered to find ANY occurrence of a search criteria.

It would be nice to be able to do ALL ANY AND OR



  • PDF exports only filtered data instead of all data
  • Form answer API endpoints returns sane JSON
  • Improves form slug suggestions
  • CSS tweaks

Upgrade from v3.0.*

git pull origin main

And restart the supervisor processes.


Thank you NLnet for supporting this release.