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Version 3.2.0

This version fixes code design (or lack of) that prevented forms with multiple file upload fields from submitting. Thanks to the people who pointed this out to us!

The application interface has been translated to French and the Privacy statement wizard now has a language selector (German included). Translations are much appreciated, thank you!

Other new features are moslty Admin tools.

Also includes some code improvements, and CSS tweaks.

Highlighted changes

For Editors

  • Forms correctly upload multiple file fields, and fixes file upload MAX_ATTACHMENT_SIZE client side validation
  • Handles form URLs with unwanted (social media) parameters
  • Adds default avatars

For Admins

  • New config. page to manage custom texts
  • The wizard disclaimer is now also a custom text (can be edited)
  • Option to reset users' passwords
  • Option to disable new forms on an individual user basis
  • New command line options to manage users


Admins may define languages and then later edit/translate custom texts. That code, and also language detection based on user language and browser language, has been improved to formalize the functionality.

More tests. The tests directory runs 300+ tests and covers 78% of the server's code base.

Upgrade from v3.*.*

Before you begin, we have just discovered a problem (05/Jul/2024) with new installations that have not already upgraded to a later version.

Do this to see if this applies to you.

source ./venv/bin/activate
flask site get-versions

{'Liberaforms': '3.x.x', 'Database schema': 'N/A'}

If your Database schema is N/A, then you need to do this first before continuing.

flask db stamp head

Ok. Thats all. Now continue.

Install the new required system package

sudo apt-get install libcairo2

Stop LiberaForms

sudo supervisorctl stop liberaforms
sudo supervisorctl stop liberaforms-logs

Fetch version 3.2.0

git fetch origin tag v3.2.0 --no-tags
git checkout v3.2.0 -b v3.2.0
cat VERSION.txt

Install python packages

source ./venv/bin/activate
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install -r ./requirements.txt

Upgrade the database schema to bec970e6d5c

flask db upgrade

See the installed versions

flask site get-versions

Restart the supervisor processes.

sudo supervisorctl start liberaforms-logs
sudo supervisorctl start liberaforms

Update Nginx config.

Your nginx vhost should accept uploads greater than the limit MAX_ATTACHMENT_SIZE defined in your .env file.

See client_max_body_size in docs/nginx.example

And reload nginx.


A sincere thank you to the people who spent their time to translate.

And thanks to me for also volunteering my time for this release.